Affinion International AB 556277-5824
Birger Jarlsg. 58, 104 32 Stockholm

Affinion is synonymous with customer Engagement that helps you build deeper, longer-lasting connections with your customers. A constantly evolving business landscape requires intelligent and innovative people. We are recognised as pioneers: creating solutions such as fee-generating loyalty programmes that are now common practice around the globe. We use our extensive experience and knowledge, combined with the latest technologies and creativity to continuously come up with smart ways you can engage more meaningfully with your customers.


Verkställande direktör Per Henrik Landquist (f 1959)
Ledamot Michele Conforti (f 1967)
Suppleant Per Henrik Landquist (f 1959)
Huvudansvarig revisor Ronny Honing (f 1981)
Revisor Öhrlings PricewaterhouseCoopers AB
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  • Firman tecknas var för sig av ledamoten suppleanten
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