F O V Fabrics AB

Org.nr 556744-5365
Norrby Långg. 45, 501 13 Borås

F.O.V. produces 15 million square metres of woven fabric every year. The fabrics are used by demanding customers world-wide. Suppliers to the automotive industry as well as producers of sportswear garments are F.O.V.´s major clients. F.O.V.´s entire production is carried out in-house, resulting in complete control of the production process. Quality control is an F.O.V. hallmark.


Svag (82,1%)
2018: Svag (81,5%)
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Svag (1,7%)
2018: Svag (3,8%)
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Bra (36,4%)
2018: Bra (37,9%)
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